This page contains downloads covering BS7671:2018. These are either in the form of Question papers relating to the C&G 2382 exams, or revision sheets covering specific areas of BS7671. Some of them are based on older versions of the Regulations, but they are still good revision aid when preparing for the 18th Edtion course.

While those documents relating to the older version of the 18th Edition are now dated – many of the Regulation numbers relating to the questions, and even the questions themselves, are still relevant. We debated whether to remove these completely from the site, but have decided to re-post them to enable delegates to become familiar with the Regulations as a whole. The structure and wording of the questions remains effective and they remain as a good learning tool, so feel free to download these questions for your revision.

Anyone attending a course will receive up-to-date & current question papers for their revision.

We will be adding to (and changing) these downloads on a fairly regular basis throughout the year, so please continue to check regularly to see if new information has been added that could be of help in either your studies or your work within our industry.

Thank you for utilising our site, and please remember to contact us should you wish to complete your training at DJT.