International Training

The pins in the Map above designate where DJT have delivered Training or carried our Engineering Consultancy work in the past five years. Some of the places marked in the Middle East & Asia we have returned to on multiple visits…

You may notice a pattern to the pins, and while we have had a number of opportunities offered to us on the African and South American continents, we have become so well versed with travelling to the Middle East, to Europe and to the Asian Pacific Region to deliver training that we are yet to undertake work there…

We are incredibly proud of this developing leg of our business, and it is an area we are fully committed to expanding in the coming years…


As part of our service where we offer in-house electrical training courses to clients who have more than 6 Electrical Personnel who would prefer us to come to their premises to deliver their courses, we have recently found ourselves traveling across the Globe to deliver bespoke training for a new cohort of international clients…International Training




As we can offer any potential customer a list of ‘blue-chip’ references with whom we have worked in the past five years (many of which are International household names) – and can give a clear account of our training services with them, the result is that our overseas work has grown on an annual basis.



International Training


David is at the forefront of this – the most active part of the business, normally acting as ‘point of contact’ with each company or delegate, and is available for advice on training or preparation leading into a course.

Andy Garrad, (our longest standing Tutor at DJT), has gained the most air-miles in this area of our business, and now has business colleagues in Dubai, Gibraltar & Kuala Lumpur who he see’s repeatedly when returning to deliver training.


International Training



Since 2010 DJT has been asked to deliver significantly more training outside of the UK, and while our core client-base will always be in the North West of the UK, we have delivered training in Scotland, London, Spain, Egypt, Dubai, Kula Lumpur and Qatar. Over the years we have also carried out consultancy work in the United States, Norway & Holland.

From Gibraltar to Dubai to Kuala Lumpur and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, we have designed & delivered bespoke training packages for companies such as Fleming Gulf, Balfour Beatty, Carillion Engineering, CAL Systems & Sheriff Electrical Engineering.



International Training



These customised packages can be either tailored entirely by our team in the UK, organising the travel, transfers and accommodation for the duration of the training, or we can work in conjunction with companies who wish to utilise our expertise & engage one of our specialist team to deliver under their banner.




The engineering standards met in the UK are held in exceptionally high regard around the world, and the ability and proficiency of offering outstanding training from UK based Engineering Tutors is valued right across the globe. We are fast becoming expert in meeting the challenges that International Training can create and delivering the highest quality training packages. From point-of-contact and throughout the consultation process we deal with course content, delivery methods and course length, keeping in touch with the client right through to the desired outcome.

DJT Training Ltd offers expertise at each stage of a project, including the training course and program design, the training implementation, continued monitoring and final evaluation.

For a reference or to learn more about our some of our international clients visit:


Delivering 17th Edition & ISO Training at Education City in Doha, Qatar

Doha International Training


ASTAD Design Team


Left: The Design Team from ASTAD Project Management during their training in Qatar, with Andy Garrad.








 doha oct 15 061Right: Capturing the essence of the Middle East












 Below: Education City in Qatar

 Education City in Qatar

Left & Right Below: The daily commute to Education City & Qatar – taken at 6am local time & 37 Degrees.

 doha oct 15 050 doha oct 15 065

Kula Lumpur Centre                                                                                                 Dubai Airport                                          

Kula Lumpur Centre Dubai Airport














To discuss your bespoke in-house electrical training requirements or international training requirements please contact us.


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