This qualification is referred to as the 'Experienced Electrician' NVQ, and allows you to apply for a JIB Gold Card or join a Governing Body such as the NCIE EIC or NAPIT. The course is called the C&G2346 NVQ3.

City and Guilds NVQ Level 3 Experienced Worker (2346)Who is this Level 3 NVQ aimed at?

The experienced worker qualification is for practising electricians with at least 5 year’s experience, but have never formally completed an industry apprenticeship or equivalent Level 3 NVQ Qualification. This is suitable for both self-employed and employed electricians. It is the newly recognised Level 3 pathway for practising electricians to obtain your ECS Gold Card and JIB Grading.

To complete the full qualification, you will also need to:

  • Level 3 Tech Cert*
  • Have a current Wiring Regulations Qualification BS7671 (C&G2382)
  • Have a minimum of the Initial Verification qualification such as a C&G 2391-50 or 2394
  • If you have the C&G2391:52 this will speed up your portfolio building 

What’s involved in the qualification?

After an initial in-house discussion/assessment at DJT, referred to as a 'C&G Skills Scan', we will highlight the gaps that need to be filled while you complete your NVQ, and you will be assessed using a range of methods to complete the evidence gathering process. There will be Site-Visits to see you at work, and Professional Discussions to cover areas of your expertise.

It is important to note that you will also require an AM2 or AM2E in order to complete the NVQ3. We do not offer the AM2, but we can advise you on the best way to go about gaining this qualification locally. 

There are seven Performance Units to be assessed for the qualification, each with Performance Objectives that need to be met with ‘evidence’. We expain during the Tutorials what constitutes adequate evidence, but essentially these are:

  • Apply Practices and Procedures for Maintenance
  • Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment
  • Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures
  • Terminate and Connect Conductors
  • Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems
  • Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

How long do I have to complete this NVQ?

At DJT we allow 12 months* from your sign-up date to completing your NVQ, however you can complete it in as little as three months.

*Delegates signing-up for the NVQ at DJT sign a contract to say they understand the 12-month requirement. We send a ‘reminder’ when there are three months to go from your registration date to encourage you to complete the work. If you do pass the 12 month mark you must re-register & re-enrol on the course.  

This qualification is for experienced electricians who can demonstrate over 5 years experience. On completion of the Experienced Worker assessment you will be able to use the qualification to apply for a JIB Gold Card. It is not suitable for new entrants or those currently on an apprenticeship

*Contact us if you need to know if your Level 3 is valid. Those that meet the remit include C&G2360, 2330, 2365 or similar.

COURSE COST: £1,250.00 +VAT

NOTE: This is not deemed to be a Vocational Short Course due to the 12 month period, and therefore VAT must be charged on the package, so the full cost is £1,500.00

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Please note: There are currently spaces on our NVQ program, but we only allow 30 Candidates to be enrolled at DJT at any one time. When there are no places available and you click above it will say COURSE FULL, but you can still email to have your name added to the waiting list, and we will tell you know how long the current list is at that point