17th & 18th Edition Exam Preperation

17th & 18th Edition Exam Preparation

As you are no doubt fully aware, the 17th Edition  has now been replaced by the 18th Edition, and there are a high number of  Amendments and Changes to the Regulations.

The questions the C&G use in the examinations will remain ostensibly the same, but there are some new areas within BS7671 from July 2018, and this page contains papers that cover the old Regulations along with some of those changes. Dont forget the old 17th Edition can still be used until January 1st 2019, but the new course (2382-18) is based entirley on the new 18th Edition… so these questions can be utilised for revision only at this stage.

Please Note – all the answer sheets on the 3 exam pdf’s directly below relate to the Green Book.

  Below are three newly written exams with answers:


Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3

The Red Regs Book has now been replaced and amended by the Green Regs Book, but the differences are mainly Amendments, not Changes. There are some additions in the green book, but you must be assured that old past- papers remain a benefit, as the majority of the Regulations are the same, so the questions they use in the exam remain ostensibly the same.... 

The below additional download papers covering the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008-12. These are in the form of Question papers relating to the C&G 2382 exams.