17th Edition Amendments

The Amended 17th Edition BS7671:2015 are now in force, & the old
Green Book’ has been replaced by a Yellow’ version



FAQ’s on the Amended 17th Edition BS7671:2015

Are there significant changes between the green book & the yellow book?

Yes there are. As well as the additional pages & the movement of some sections to new Parts of the Regulations, there are new definitions, there is the addition of information relating to Risk Assessments in Part 4 and the Maximum Zs data has changed. There is a new requirement regarding Fireproof DB’s and an addition to the Main Bonding section, there is a new Code for Electrical Condition Reports and the Times Characteristics Graph PFC data has all been amended.



How much of the book has changed or been added to?

The changes are pretty much throughout. They are subtle but there are over 30 additional pages as a result of amendments and additions.


Is it not best just to wait for the 18th Edition to come out?

There is no set date for the 18th Edition at this time. The best indication given by the IET is that there will be no further amended version of the 17th Edition, and that the 18th Edition will be published by the end of 2018. That is at least three years away so you cannot realistically hold on to your knowledge of previous editions until the advent of the new Regulations


Will the new 17th Edition affect the 2394 & 2395 Qualifications?

Yes it will. The model forms now have a new Code for ECR’s and Part 41 mentions Risk Assessments for non-RCD protected socket outlets. These are prime areas that will be mentioned in future 2394 & 2395 exams.


Will you be running a seminar on the Updates?

No. We have delivered seminars on all the other amendment years to date, and while many of the Governing Bodies have offered 2 hour seminars we feel that the impact of the changes are broad-spectrum and often very slight but that they are also truly significant. We tabled the idea of seminars before the Regulations were published in January but felt it is vital that all the changes are covered in detail. We would suggest anyone wishing to acquire a true understanding of the 2015 Regulations should attend the two day training course and then take the 2382-15 exam.


Do I need to take the qualification again if I already have the 17th Edition?

Like all qualifications you should undertake them for two reasons. Firstly as a professional it is important that you have a true and up to date understanding of current standards & requirements. Secondly, and just as important, you need to ensure that you are ‘bullet proof’ when it comes to proving competency. The only way to guarantee this beyond any doubt is to hold the most current qualifications available within our industry. You should also check with your Governing Body to see if they make your holding a certificate that is less than three years old a requirement.



Download the maximum Z's Guide: Maximum Z's PDF


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